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Last stop: Missouri History Museum in St. Louis / Missouri

Friends and folks, once more we look back on exciting times! UTOPIA landed at its final destination: the stunning Missouri History Museum in St. Louis.


After setting up the exhibit – and of course our lovely travel agency Muss i denn Tours & Cargo Trips – with many friendly helping hands from the MHM staff members, we couldn’t be more overwhelmed by the great opening weekend on 21st – 23rd of November!
Crowds and bigger crowds flooded the exhibit, for the first time a microphone was needed to handle the guided tours and due to the interest for Peter’s Utopia documentary, the movie was screened in two auditoriums at the same time.

So many people, so many interesting conversations – and so many happy adoptive parents, who took home our travel objects we brought from Germany! We are happy to announce that all of them found godparents within a few days!


So, the adoption may be over, but don’t worry: the CHECK-IN for new objects to be relocated from USA to Germany is still open! Till April 19th, you can find us every Saturday, 10am – 5pm at the Muss i denn & Cargo Trips‚ desk within the UTOPIA exhibit in the MHM. Please, bring your objects, and ask our friendly travel agents about the farewell procedure!