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Next stop: German American Heritage Museum, Washington, D.C.

Friends and folks, we look back on two incredibly exciting weeks! Reaching the new world, being welcomed by the most friendly crowd in Baltimore, arriving at Washington, D.C., setting up and opening our friendly travel agency together with the „Utopia“ exhibit at the GAHM, finding adoptive parents for some of our travel objects (already!) and also collecting our first items to go back with the exhibition to Germany in spring 2015!

But one thing at a time.

On September 1st (Labor Day), Muss i denn Tours & Cargo Trips arrived at the harbor of Baltimore, and in our luggage we brought all the travel objects that have been checked in in Gießen and Bremen and sent to the new world as mysterious satellites from overseas.
The Baltimore Immigration Memorial Inc., and the Society for the History of the Germans in Maryland hosted a lovely event at the Baltimore Immigration Memorial Garden at Locust Point.
Afterwards, all participants were gathering for a casual dinner, watching our short film about the adventures of our former „emigration on trial“ tour in Germany. Also, we shared the stories of the brought-along objects, now gone from Germany forever and looking for new homes in the US.

After a very warm (also literally spoken) welcome, many interesting conversations and a nice nightcap in nice company, travel agent Esther had the pleasure to spend the night in the unimproved, but more than lovely Immigrant House on Beason Street. Yay!
Luckily, the lonely cockroach in the bathroom was more startled than Esther and didn’t start a fight.

Welcome Ceremony - Baltimore, September 1, 2014 - photo Peter Roloff-0088

In the Immigrant House – Closed? Not for us!
(Photo: Peter Roloff)




Welcome Ceremony - Baltimore, September 1, 2014 - photo Peter Roloff-0212

Cause we’ve got the key now!
(Photo: Peter Roloff)
















Thankfully, a big ice bucket was already waiting there for the challenge - dammit, Janet, it's hot in Baltimore!

Thankfully, a big ice bucket was already waiting there for the challenge – dammit, Janet, it’s hot
in Baltimore!

“Good night, don’t fight, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs (or roachies) bite.”

The very next day, Brigitte and Nick (two of our friendly hosts) not only offered a nice breakfast (Marmeladestulle and coffee) to go, but a comfy ride in their (airconditioned!) car to Washington D.C. for Esther and the travel objects.
Thank you so much once more, guys!

Arriving on 6th Street, a 40-foot-truck carrying more than 3.6 tons of exhibit material had already been parked in front of the German American Heritage Museum.
The next days, the Utopia exhibit was set up, with the wonderful support of the GAHM staff. Muss i denn Tours & Cargo trips found its space in the bright oriel on the groundfloor.

Utopia Installlation - Washington DC - September 2014 - photo Peter Roloff-0369

Bring in da exhibit!
(Photo: Peter Roloff)


Muss i denn Tours & Cargo Trips:
All set up, we’re ready to rumble!








The exhibition successfully opened on Saturday September 6th, and since that day kind visitors are keep adopting and sending travel objects.

Like the entire exhibit, Muss i denn Tours & Cargo Trips will be open until October 25th and then embark to Missouri for its final destination at the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis.

So please, come and visit and explore Utopia, and of course: check in your own personal travel object at Muss i denn Tours & Cargo Trips‚ desk!
We will bring it to Germany and find godparents and a new home for it!
Just ask our friendly travel agents about the procedure!


Hello Baltimore! Hello Washington, DC!

Finally, Muss i denn Tours & Cargo Trips reached the new world!
Our little travel agency made its way across the big pond and was welcomed by an incredible friendly crowd at the harbor of Baltimore.

Today we are busy setting up our agency in the German-American Heritage Museum in Washington, DC!
More information and pretty pictures of our first days in the US coming soon!